What does justice tempered with mercy mean?

The phrase ‘justice tempered with mercy’ conventionally means to soften or whittle down justice after considering the offender. The act of softening justice has been one of the problems of the society, and its one of the unreasonable practices that have survived numerous generations and times.

Life is system of balance; two sides combining to form one. Reducing a part destroys the balance of life. For example, we perceive light and darkness at different times yet an objective observation shows that both times are lightened; light shines in both the day/light and the night/darkness. Therefore, both the darkness and the light give light for continuity of life. Reducing any part will create total darkness which is tantamount to destroying life instantaneously.

The man and the woman are different yet the man and the woman are one; the positive and negative charges are different yet the negative charge is just a positive charge in another compartment or environment.

The fundamental laws in nature support the fact that life is a balance. Every action must be balanced by an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause is balanced by an effect of equal magnitude. Justice balances offense, therefore equal magnitude of justice must be served for offense to sustain the balance of life. There’s no justice without an offense, and an offense without equal magnitude of justice unbalances life.

Softening or whittling down justice is not a realistic practice yet humans have continued to soften justice based on their connection to and perception of an offender. Softening justice encourages offenses, justice should never be softened by any means irrespective of the offender.                                        

What really happens when things are tempered? Tempering objects strengthens such objects, it increases the internal strength of the materials to withstand conditions that might destroy such materials. Glass, steel and bricks are examples of materials usually tempered to increase strength.

The Bible gives a good illustration of what tempering does to materials during the construction of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:3). The people knew the implications of building such an edifice with bricks and the impact of environmental conditions at such heights so they tempered the bricks to withstand the effects of harsh conditions and also to strengthen it enough to carry the weight of the building.

Since tempering does not soften a thing but instead strengthens such it, therefore tempering justice can only strengthen it. Justice is strengthened with mercy. In fact the idea of tempering justice with mercy to soften it is both unrealistic and un-objective..

What does the Bible say about tempering justice with mercy? Most people have misconstrued what the Bible says about tempered justice just as they misconstrue most part of the book. They have logically interpreted the purpose of God’s mercy to mean softening justice but the objective evidence of tempering shows that mercy does not soften justice.

What does mercy do to justice? Justice is weak, it does not fully cancel out offenses. Mercy strengthens justice so it can cancel out offense. Justice alone still leaves the offense lingering but mercy tempers justice so that it can completely cancel out offense.

For example: hanging a murderer does not bring back the victim to life, it doesn’t even quench the hurt of the loved ones of the victim. This is justice yet it doesn’t repair the damage done. In fact, justice causes further offense as it hurts the family of the hanged murderer too. So what then is the purpose of justice if it cannot fully balance offense?

Tempering justice with mercy does not soften justice, instead it strengthens justice to enable it to balance offense. While it’s a common practice for humans to try to soften justice, God never soften justice. The mercy of God strengthens or solidifies justice.

God cannot go against his Word; all shall reap what they sow. This is in accordance of the balance of life. A person that takes an action gets the same action in the reverse (as a reaction). Whoever sows a particular cause gets it back in effect. It’s impossible for God to cut the balance of life with mercy, instead God strengthens this balance by solidly establishing it.

What does mercy of God do to a person? While it’s common for humans to reduce justice with mercy, the mercy of God does not reduce justice on a person. The mercy of God strengthens a person so that they can pass through justice without being consumed or destroyed by it. The mercy of God strengthens a person from the inside so that they can go through justice which is stronger than what humans call justice. Those who reject the mercy of God are not strengthened, they’re weak, they shall be consumed and destroyed by the justice of God.

WRITTEN BY: David A.O.     

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