The weakness of the human mind

The mind is human tool to create, it’s human tool to form reality, it’s the gift God gives everyone as they come to life.

the mind: the shining one and the forecaster in time

The mind is weak and this is why the light it gives (logic) is usually faulty. The mind that gives this logic cannot realize its fault and this is why no one can truly see their own reality. They need other people to help them. If every mind has become faulty then a new mind, unattached by to any other mind must be created to show us the reality.

The major weakness of the mind lies in its inability to conceive its own creation and death. The mind can replicate almost anything within that time but it cannot replicate its own creation. Neither can it tell of its death.

No one is aware of being aware because the mind is not aware of the point before it’s creation, neither will it be aware of the point after its death.

The mind is scared of this two points so it creates a defense against this by denying these points exist, claiming nothing lies before and after it. This assertion of the mind is very ironic because if nothing created the mind which is something, that means nothing is actually something. Only a thing can create another just as we experience that only a human can born another human etc. if nothing created the mind then that nothing is something.

This weakness has affected mind kinds since the beginning, this was also affected Adam in the beginning as he refused to eat that which would strengthen his mind. He must have thought he had been forever as God was. This is probably why he never trusted the reason God gave for his death. It was practically unreasonable to him that he’d die. He was the first mind to be formed, he had never seen any prove that death can occur so he concluded God had lied.

The Bible records that he was not deceived by anything 1 Timothy 2:14, it was a decision he took because he never trusted God. He was sure God was lied. So he hastily touched the region of his body God forbade him not to after the woman touched hers because she didn’t die. When God appeared afterwards he exhibited even more weakness of the mind by logically proving himself right and faulting God.

Often times, I have tried to conceive my own death, trying to test the wits of my mind. I think it’s quite a fascinating experience and every time I mention it, people often get scared. This experience has thought me a lot about the mind. No one can conceive their death, they can only conceive their dying.

the mind

Most people are still trapped in the weakness of the mind, they put up logically acceptable arguments why there’s nothing before or beyond the mind. The trade of selling these arguments is the backbone of science, philosophy and many religions. Such people are exhibiting the same weakness that Adam had. They’re trapped within the reality created by their own mind.

If we can create a device that wipes out our memory of death, I’m sure everyone alive will argue that death occurs. We’d need at least one person to die to prove to us that death occurs. Such is the case what lies before and after mental awareness.

There’s never been an experience of what lies beyond, this is why the mind is scared of it. The mind is usually scared of what it cannot grasp. This is why people naturally oppose what they do not know or understand, and why ignorance is the most difficult thing to admit.
To be continued……

Written by: David A.O.

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  1. Very Beautiful Analysis of the Mind….our minds I believe, is our greatest weapon, yet our biggest weakness.

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