The Science of God and Life

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It is a widely held belief that biblical information does not have scientific and philosophical relevance. The science of GOD and Life is written by interpreting biblical information, both scientifically and philosophically. This book is very revealing and gives real evidence for every point raised. An open-minded reader’s outlook on life, GOD and the reality is bound to change after reading this book.

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Do you seek evidence for biblical information? If yes, then you might have just seen the right book to read and to help you come to a place of realization of self in Christ Jesus.

Do scientific discoveries threaten your faith? This book gives you real evidence to prove your believe in Christ Jesus. It also helps you solidify your faith so that every wind of the deceptions does not move you.

Do you find life a bit confusing? Do you seek a purpose for life? This book answers some of the underlying questions of human existence; it supplies answers to the question on the mysteries of life. The book has retrospective sections that make you discover the purpose. The book details a few unusual experiences of the writer with the hope that you might be able to answer your own questions by reading through them.

The book details experiences, researches, and observations of the writer as revealed by the Holy Spirit and interpreted adequately with the knowledge of Christ. It shows life differently from the tenet. It records many findings of the reality of life and existence that can be verified scientifically and religiously.

The writer of the book understands that information practically makes us who we are. He also understands the importance of knowing the truth. The book has been written because of the numerous fables and deceptions flying around in the world. The writer knows the joy of being enlightened and hopes that every reader is enlightened by the light of the knowledge of Christ Jesus.

3 reviews for The Science of God and Life

  1. Eze

    My Review: There are many out books out there addressing the Issue of God and Science, but none simplifies it like David’s Book. His message is very clear and precise and can only be faulted by those who are still blinded by the clouds of ignorance.
    It’s a must Read for any True Seeker of the Light, cause it will surely leave you with immeasurable knowledge and Wisdom for these dark times.
    I can boldly say David is a Prophet of Light for our Generation.

  2. Ataliah kyamazima

    This book has enhanced my knowledge of God with science facts that will blow your mind. Super interesting with new knowledge giving u a different view at life! It’s a must read!

  3. Traci@tracesoffaith

    Using the methodology of a scientist, the author posits common arguments people might have against Christianity. Using lots of scripture throughout, he carefully shows the logical intersections between science, philosophy and religion. A good book to gift someone who wants to discuss the evidence of faith.

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