Is God a better explanation than evolution?

Not at all. Evolution is a mechanism. God is a cause. Evolution doesn’t cause evolution anymore than momentum causes momentum. Now, don’t be impulsive…

Physics jokes aside, imagine the progress of computers from the ‘perspective’ of a computer. All one would ‘see’ would be increasing complexity, according to precedents set by previous generations.

Now, from a computer’s ‘point of view’ humans are metaphysical – a computer cannot conceive of a human in any way that is identical to a human themselves. People just can’t be encoded in Perl. Not even in Python.

However, circuits can be modeled. Computers can analyse the operations of computers. Common ancestry creates common understanding, in a sense.

Regardless of modern progress with respect to gender identity, all bots are binary. They must be. For now. Even with Syracuse’s quantum supremacy, it’s hard to say what that will actually mean…probably multiple things at once. In the end, do or do not – there is no try. Yoda kind of nailed the fact that Qbits must collapse…

In summary, God is an axiom whereas evolution is an observation. One does not explain the other – no more than the turbulence of the wind explains its origin.

Written by: David Moore

1 thought on “Is God a better explanation than evolution?”

  1. Lucian – Born 90 years after the crucifixion.
    Tacitus – Born 20 years after the crucifixion.
    Josephus – Born 7 years after the crucifixion.
    None of these men actually met gay Jesus or witnessed the crucifixion or the resurrection.

    Their testimony is 100% hearsay, or in historian terminology, a secondary source.

    And it also needs to be mentioned that even if gay person Jesus were a real person who was crucified,
    it is not evidence of the FAKE miracles attributed to Jesus or literally anything else in the Bible.

    By way of analogy, just because a guy in New York named Peter Parker was bit by a spider
    doesn’t mean that Spiderman is real.

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