What does son of God mean?

father and son

The term son of God is a very confusing term. Most interpret it literally like the son of a man which means that such person was born through birth.

This term carries quite a different meaning biblically. This is why it’s very important to properly understand the term so that we might fully understand how the term relates to us.

It’s written that there were many sons of God, yet the first biblically recorded son of God is a man, the man Adam. Adam is the first son of God named in the Bible, this is a according to the genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3:38).

Apart from Adam, there’re also records of other sons of God well distributed through the Bible. It’s beyond human comprehension to know how many sons of God there might be, but we know that Adam was the only man who was a son of God.

None of these sons of God were begotten by God, yet they were sons of God. This gives us the understanding that being a son of God transcends birth as with humans. The son of God represents something beyond birth.

The first time the Bible records the son of God by birth (conception) was with the birth of Jesus. For this reason, Jesus is said to be the only son begotten of God. From this statement we can find both the words ‘begotten’ and ‘son’. This means Jesus is a son of God but a son by birth.

Therefore, unlike Adam and the rest sons of God, Jesus is the only conceived son of God. The others sons of God were sons without birth.

What then is the meaning of the ‘son of God’?

The term son of God means: a body (form) through which God can be seen. God is unseen and can cannot be seen, but we can see God in certain bodies. Adam was the first biblically recorded body that God was seen and he was practically as God to everything that was made until his fall from the presence.

After Adam, man lost that son nature as God was never seen in man anymore. Man became unlike God and alienated himself from God. So God birthed a son in his own image, a son that is going to be like him even though he was just a man.

That man is Jesus. Therefore, unlike Adam, man who was a son of God but without birth, Jesus is also man and a son of God but this time, man was a son of God by birth.

So Jesus is the true son of God because he’s a son by birth, having in him the pure essence of God. This essence is called the Holy Spirit of God. So the true identity of God is only truly seen in his only true son.

Who is the ‘son of God’ today?

Today we don’t see God, neither do we see Jesus, but we see Jesus in a believer. Today, You & I have been made sons of God because God is seen in us. The best part of being a believer is that we’re not just ordinary sons of God, we’re sons of God by birth just like Jesus. We’re begotten in Christ by the same spirit that begot Jesus on earth.

Therefore, as believers, we must be conscious of their place in God. Knowing fully well that God can only be truly seen in us. This is why we also must learn of Jesus through diligent study of the scriptures so that we know how to walk like Jesus and show God well enough as he wants to be seen. God bless you as you walk in the way God wants….

Written by David A.O.

The weakness of the human mind

The mind is human tool to create, it’s human tool to form reality, it’s the gift God gives everyone as they come to life.

the mind: the shining one and the forecaster in time

The mind is weak and this is why the light it gives (logic) is usually faulty. The mind that gives this logic cannot realize its fault and this is why no one can truly see their own reality. They need other people to help them. If every mind has become faulty then a new mind, unattached by to any other mind must be created to show us the reality.

The major weakness of the mind lies in its inability to conceive its own creation and death. The mind can replicate almost anything within that time but it cannot replicate its own creation. Neither can it tell of its death.

No one is aware of being aware because the mind is not aware of the point before it’s creation, neither will it be aware of the point after its death.

The mind is scared of this two points so it creates a defense against this by denying these points exist, claiming nothing lies before and after it. This assertion of the mind is very ironic because if nothing created the mind which is something, that means nothing is actually something. Only a thing can create another just as we experience that only a human can born another human etc. if nothing created the mind then that nothing is something.

This weakness has affected mind kinds since the beginning, this was also affected Adam in the beginning as he refused to eat that which would strengthen his mind. He must have thought he had been forever as God was. This is probably why he never trusted the reason God gave for his death. It was practically unreasonable to him that he’d die. He was the first mind to be formed, he had never seen any prove that death can occur so he concluded God had lied.

The Bible records that he was not deceived by anything 1 Timothy 2:14, it was a decision he took because he never trusted God. He was sure God was lied. So he hastily touched the region of his body God forbade him not to after the woman touched hers because she didn’t die. When God appeared afterwards he exhibited even more weakness of the mind by logically proving himself right and faulting God.

Often times, I have tried to conceive my own death, trying to test the wits of my mind. I think it’s quite a fascinating experience and every time I mention it, people often get scared. This experience has thought me a lot about the mind. No one can conceive their death, they can only conceive their dying.

the mind

Most people are still trapped in the weakness of the mind, they put up logically acceptable arguments why there’s nothing before or beyond the mind. The trade of selling these arguments is the backbone of science, philosophy and many religions. Such people are exhibiting the same weakness that Adam had. They’re trapped within the reality created by their own mind.

If we can create a device that wipes out our memory of death, I’m sure everyone alive will argue that death occurs. We’d need at least one person to die to prove to us that death occurs. Such is the case what lies before and after mental awareness.

There’s never been an experience of what lies beyond, this is why the mind is scared of it. The mind is usually scared of what it cannot grasp. This is why people naturally oppose what they do not know or understand, and why ignorance is the most difficult thing to admit.
To be continued……

Written by: David A.O.


What do biblical messages represented with animals mean?

This subject is one of the funniest parts of the Bible a person can find on this day. Most teachers do not like to speak of these parts because it sounds both diabolical and ridiculous. Unbelievers have also played their part in unbalancing most preachers by ridiculing the scriptures hence the need to avoid such discursions.

Most ridiculous of this message is where the Bible audaciously states that a snake spoke to Eve in the garden of Eden. I found this utterly preposterous but fear (of being heretic) hindered me from thinking otherwise.

Eve and the snake

I hid my doubts at the time, best option was not to focus on such parts of the Bible as it might destabilize one’s faith. I really did think I had faith at these times though I was lacking in the knowledge of the truth (Romans 10:2). I only started to see things differently when I actually did receive the faith.

The most important realization I had was that everything the Bible talks about is real. While I couldn’t understand everything at once, I knew that they’re all real and can be observed in everyday life. I started to interpret biblical information objectively with facts, and observed around to experience certain biblical information. The Bible became an entirely different book altogether for me.

I had no fears anymore at this moment, I knew I had to re-visit those questionable parts of the Bible. I started reading the whole thing again, lo and behold I had been the fool all along. It was stupid of me to even imagine that a snake could speak. After I realized the interpretation of the snake in genesis, I also visited other situations of animal representation of the message e.g young lion, lion, scorpion, dog, eagle, dragon etc. to understand the the messages being relayed.

The Bible is actually a very beautiful book when read objectively. Problems only exits because most people aren’t objective when it comes to biblical information. It’s only by grace that I was able to come out of the river of perception and myths with respect to understanding certain biblical messages.

Every time the Bible represents a message with an animal, the Bible is not talking about an actual animal, it’s only indicating that such animal must be observed to realize the message. As a biblical enthusiast, a person must observe and learn the character of the animal to realize the message. The animal is just a representation of the message but not the actual message. In accordance to this, even though some of the situations had really occurred like the case of Samson and the lion, they usually carry a deeper meaning than written.

It’s very controversial to tell certain people that no snake appeared to Eve in the garden of Eden. Most people misinterpret the statement because of a popular pagan belief that the snake liberated mankind. Most people read the Bible with this fable already settled in their mind, and this affects their ability to comprehend the grammar in the book.

My favorite verse of animal representation of messages is psalm 91:13, when King David prophesied the coming of Jesus. He says He shall thread on the lion and the snake: the young lion and dragon shall he trample under his feet. I’ll only interpret what the Bible means by “young lion” for the purpose of this blog. I never actually knew this message until I was led to reflect.

I realized that a young (adult) lion always fights his father for authority of the tribe. In fact, in one particular documentary I watched, the young lion fought three adults for the authority to rule the tribe. The message is stating that Jesus shall overcome that compulsive need to want to attack His father for authority. The Bible also confirms this to be the case in Philippians 2:6-8.


When this verse is read, we’ll realize that unlike the young lion who has now reached maturity and sees himself equal to his father by fighting for authority, Jesus humbled himself and obeyed the father by doing his will even unto death. This is exactly where Satan fell in the beginning because Satan rose against God like the young lion always does. In fact, Satan’s banishment from the presence of God is just as the young lion is usually defeated and banished from the tribe.

It’s important that we learn to look at the Bible objectively and try to seek evidences for things mentioned. This solidifies our understanding and teaches us more about the truth. The Bible is a realistic book that covers every aspect of human life so it should be read with a eye to seek and learn.

Written By: DAVID A.O.

What does justice tempered with mercy mean?

The phrase ‘justice tempered with mercy’ conventionally means to soften or whittle down justice after considering the offender. The act of softening justice has been one of the problems of the society, and its one of the unreasonable practices that have survived numerous generations and times.

Life is system of balance; two sides combining to form one. Reducing a part destroys the balance of life. For example, we perceive light and darkness at different times yet an objective observation shows that both times are lightened; light shines in both the day/light and the night/darkness. Therefore, both the darkness and the light give light for continuity of life. Reducing any part will create total darkness which is tantamount to destroying life instantaneously.

The man and the woman are different yet the man and the woman are one; the positive and negative charges are different yet the negative charge is just a positive charge in another compartment or environment.

The fundamental laws in nature support the fact that life is a balance. Every action must be balanced by an equal and opposite reaction. Every cause is balanced by an effect of equal magnitude. Justice balances offense, therefore equal magnitude of justice must be served for offense to sustain the balance of life. There’s no justice without an offense, and an offense without equal magnitude of justice unbalances life.

Softening or whittling down justice is not a realistic practice yet humans have continued to soften justice based on their connection to and perception of an offender. Softening justice encourages offenses, justice should never be softened by any means irrespective of the offender.                                        

What really happens when things are tempered? Tempering objects strengthens such objects, it increases the internal strength of the materials to withstand conditions that might destroy such materials. Glass, steel and bricks are examples of materials usually tempered to increase strength.

The Bible gives a good illustration of what tempering does to materials during the construction of the Tower of Babel (Genesis 11:3). The people knew the implications of building such an edifice with bricks and the impact of environmental conditions at such heights so they tempered the bricks to withstand the effects of harsh conditions and also to strengthen it enough to carry the weight of the building.

Since tempering does not soften a thing but instead strengthens such it, therefore tempering justice can only strengthen it. Justice is strengthened with mercy. In fact the idea of tempering justice with mercy to soften it is both unrealistic and un-objective..

What does the Bible say about tempering justice with mercy? Most people have misconstrued what the Bible says about tempered justice just as they misconstrue most part of the book. They have logically interpreted the purpose of God’s mercy to mean softening justice but the objective evidence of tempering shows that mercy does not soften justice.

What does mercy do to justice? Justice is weak, it does not fully cancel out offenses. Mercy strengthens justice so it can cancel out offense. Justice alone still leaves the offense lingering but mercy tempers justice so that it can completely cancel out offense.

For example: hanging a murderer does not bring back the victim to life, it doesn’t even quench the hurt of the loved ones of the victim. This is justice yet it doesn’t repair the damage done. In fact, justice causes further offense as it hurts the family of the hanged murderer too. So what then is the purpose of justice if it cannot fully balance offense?

Tempering justice with mercy does not soften justice, instead it strengthens justice to enable it to balance offense. While it’s a common practice for humans to try to soften justice, God never soften justice. The mercy of God strengthens or solidifies justice.

God cannot go against his Word; all shall reap what they sow. This is in accordance of the balance of life. A person that takes an action gets the same action in the reverse (as a reaction). Whoever sows a particular cause gets it back in effect. It’s impossible for God to cut the balance of life with mercy, instead God strengthens this balance by solidly establishing it.

What does mercy of God do to a person? While it’s common for humans to reduce justice with mercy, the mercy of God does not reduce justice on a person. The mercy of God strengthens a person so that they can pass through justice without being consumed or destroyed by it. The mercy of God strengthens a person from the inside so that they can go through justice which is stronger than what humans call justice. Those who reject the mercy of God are not strengthened, they’re weak, they shall be consumed and destroyed by the justice of God.