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The weakness of the human mind

The mind is human tool to create, it’s human tool to form reality, it’s the gift God gives everyone as they come to life.

the mind: the shining one and the forecaster in time

The mind is weak and this is why the light it gives (logic) is usually faulty. The mind that gives this logic cannot realize its fault and this is why no one can truly see their own reality. They need other people to help them. If every mind has become faulty then a new mind, unattached by to any other mind must be created to show us the reality.

The major weakness of the mind lies in its inability to conceive its own creation and death. The mind can replicate almost anything within that time but it cannot replicate its own creation. Neither can it tell of its death.

No one is aware of being aware because the mind is not aware of the point before it’s creation, neither will it be aware of the point after its death.

The mind is scared of this two points so it creates a defense against this by denying these points exist, claiming nothing lies before and after it. This assertion of the mind is very ironic because if nothing created the mind which is something, that means nothing is actually something. Only a thing can create another just as we experience that only a human can born another human etc. if nothing created the mind then that nothing is something.

This weakness has affected mind kinds since the beginning, this was also affected Adam in the beginning as he refused to eat that which would strengthen his mind. He must have thought he had been forever as God was. This is probably why he never trusted the reason God gave for his death. It was practically unreasonable to him that he’d die. He was the first mind to be formed, he had never seen any prove that death can occur so he concluded God had lied.

The Bible records that he was not deceived by anything 1 Timothy 2:14, it was a decision he took because he never trusted God. He was sure God was lied. So he hastily touched the region of his body God forbade him not to after the woman touched hers because she didn’t die. When God appeared afterwards he exhibited even more weakness of the mind by logically proving himself right and faulting God.

Often times, I have tried to conceive my own death, trying to test the wits of my mind. I think it’s quite a fascinating experience and every time I mention it, people often get scared. This experience has thought me a lot about the mind. No one can conceive their death, they can only conceive their dying.

the mind

Most people are still trapped in the weakness of the mind, they put up logically acceptable arguments why there’s nothing before or beyond the mind. The trade of selling these arguments is the backbone of science, philosophy and many religions. Such people are exhibiting the same weakness that Adam had. They’re trapped within the reality created by their own mind.

If we can create a device that wipes out our memory of death, I’m sure everyone alive will argue that death occurs. We’d need at least one person to die to prove to us that death occurs. Such is the case what lies before and after mental awareness.

There’s never been an experience of what lies beyond, this is why the mind is scared of it. The mind is usually scared of what it cannot grasp. This is why people naturally oppose what they do not know or understand, and why ignorance is the most difficult thing to admit.
To be continued……

Written by: David A.O.


What do biblical messages represented with animals mean?

This subject is one of the funniest parts of the Bible a person can find on this day. Most teachers do not like to speak of these parts because it sounds both diabolical and ridiculous. Unbelievers have also played their part in unbalancing most preachers by ridiculing the scriptures hence the need to avoid such discursions.

Most ridiculous of this message is where the Bible audaciously states that a snake spoke to Eve in the garden of Eden. I found this utterly preposterous but fear (of being heretic) hindered me from thinking otherwise.

Eve and the snake

I hid my doubts at the time, best option was not to focus on such parts of the Bible as it might destabilize one’s faith. I really did think I had faith at these times though I was lacking in the knowledge of the truth (Romans 10:2). I only started to see things differently when I actually did receive the faith.

The most important realization I had was that everything the Bible talks about is real. While I couldn’t understand everything at once, I knew that they’re all real and can be observed in everyday life. I started to interpret biblical information objectively with facts, and observed around to experience certain biblical information. The Bible became an entirely different book altogether for me.

I had no fears anymore at this moment, I knew I had to re-visit those questionable parts of the Bible. I started reading the whole thing again, lo and behold I had been the fool all along. It was stupid of me to even imagine that a snake could speak. After I realized the interpretation of the snake in genesis, I also visited other situations of animal representation of the message e.g young lion, lion, scorpion, dog, eagle, dragon etc. to understand the the messages being relayed.

The Bible is actually a very beautiful book when read objectively. Problems only exits because most people aren’t objective when it comes to biblical information. It’s only by grace that I was able to come out of the river of perception and myths with respect to understanding certain biblical messages.

Every time the Bible represents a message with an animal, the Bible is not talking about an actual animal, it’s only indicating that such animal must be observed to realize the message. As a biblical enthusiast, a person must observe and learn the character of the animal to realize the message. The animal is just a representation of the message but not the actual message. In accordance to this, even though some of the situations had really occurred like the case of Samson and the lion, they usually carry a deeper meaning than written.

It’s very controversial to tell certain people that no snake appeared to Eve in the garden of Eden. Most people misinterpret the statement because of a popular pagan belief that the snake liberated mankind. Most people read the Bible with this fable already settled in their mind, and this affects their ability to comprehend the grammar in the book.

My favorite verse of animal representation of messages is psalm 91:13, when King David prophesied the coming of Jesus. He says He shall thread on the lion and the snake: the young lion and dragon shall he trample under his feet. I’ll only interpret what the Bible means by “young lion” for the purpose of this blog. I never actually knew this message until I was led to reflect.

I realized that a young (adult) lion always fights his father for authority of the tribe. In fact, in one particular documentary I watched, the young lion fought three adults for the authority to rule the tribe. The message is stating that Jesus shall overcome that compulsive need to want to attack His father for authority. The Bible also confirms this to be the case in Philippians 2:6-8.


When this verse is read, we’ll realize that unlike the young lion who has now reached maturity and sees himself equal to his father by fighting for authority, Jesus humbled himself and obeyed the father by doing his will even unto death. This is exactly where Satan fell in the beginning because Satan rose against God like the young lion always does. In fact, Satan’s banishment from the presence of God is just as the young lion is usually defeated and banished from the tribe.

It’s important that we learn to look at the Bible objectively and try to seek evidences for things mentioned. This solidifies our understanding and teaches us more about the truth. The Bible is a realistic book that covers every aspect of human life so it should be read with a eye to seek and learn.

Written By: DAVID A.O.

Greatest Sin

What is the greatest sin?

There’s so much misconceptions with the biblical term sin. There’s been so much perception factored into how people interpret the term sin and because of this, most people do not even realize what sin is. Those who do not recognize what sin is cannot even recognize what is the greatest sin of all.

In order to know what is the greatest sin, we must first know what sin is. So the first question is what’s sin?

For many sin is an action: lying, killing, stealing, backbiting, and fornication etc. These are just misconceptions of what sin is. A person who does not kill shall lie, backbite or even fornicate for a reason because sin is neither of these things.

what is sin? There’s a particular part of Bible that makes us question what sin is. This particular verse is Jeremiah 2:13, as at the time when there were so many laws and so many “do not” which people have actually done to be counted to them as sin, God actually said there’s but only two sin. While most people may not understand what that particular verse talks about but the fact that God wasn’t even concerned about the so many “do not” shows that neither of these “do not” was the sin.

A good look at the conversation between God and Cain gives us a clearer look into what sin is. God asked him why he’s angry and why was he dejected and goes ahead to say sin lies at the door and his desire is for Cain to rule for him (Genesis 4:6-7). From here we’ll realize sin is a foreign body waiting around us to enter into our Being to make us rule for him. Sin is like a virus that lies around our firewall waiting for when our defense becomes weak to enter, and when this virus enters into the system, it takes control of the system and corrupt all incoming and outgoing files (information).

What then is sin? Sin is an energy, a dark energy. Sin is the energy of the darkness of the beginning, like all dark energy, sin consumes light and takes control of the body. Sin takes control of a person’s senses and controls the mental interpretation of every information coming through the senses. Sin is not the action, sin is the energy behind that action, a person whose senses has been overcome by sin takes certain action as directed by the sin.

Like every virus, sin is the disease of life. Sin corrupts the natural state of a Being and gives it an artificial state. These artificial states might sometimes “feel” (sensual) like the natural state but they’re artificial. Sin makes a person interpret good as bad, and bad as good. It causes the superimposition of the reality and makes the one in delusion think he’s seen the reality. A person in sin transposes the reality of life and cannot realize what’s real in life.

Sin weakens the mental defense of a Being. For this reason, a person in sin cannot have a sound mind or be reasonable. Such a person cannot be objective about life and they’ll be prone to anger as their fundamental way of expression. A person in sin views life only subjectively and they’re never open minded about the facts of life. A person in sin is proud and sees himself as god.

What then is the greatest sin? We can only know what’s sin by recognizing the victory over sin. The victory over sin is the light that shinned so bright in the darkness that the dark energy could not consume. That light is Jesus, and the Bible records that the darkness could not comprehend the light. From here we can understand that the darkness actually studies every Being, it observes and copies the mode of action and reaction of every Being while lying in wait at the door to get the weakness and taking control of the Being. The darkness could not comprehend the light because the light was fluid/lucid, It was constantly changing. The light was indeterminable.

A person in sin does different things the same way repeatedly, but the light causes constant change (growth) in a person. The light cannot be understood because it relates to every information differently but sin makes a person relate to every information the same way. The person in sin is adamant and cannot view anything differently. They see life as supplied to them rigidly by sin within them.

Life is constantly changing, the person in light changes as life changes but the one in sin does things repeatedly as they did in the past. Therefore, the person in sin is the person trapped in the past but the person in light is the person changing as life changes with every moment.

What then is the greatest sin? The greatest sin is being adamant, refusing to change. This is the greatest sin. The reason for this is because refusing to change is to act against the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Present to turn all man from their past so that all shall experience the change of NOW but he who is adamant to change is he who wars against the Holy Spirit. Such sin is said to be unforgivable because he who wars against the Holy Spirit has sworn enmity with God.

He who wars against God is he who refuses the Godlike nature: love; peace; knowledge; wisdom, faithful; trust worthy; patience; forgiving etc, such a person becomes everything God isn’t and as such cannot exist in God. Such person sees life from the prism of the darkness in them and whatever dark interpretation they have about life is what they rely on and refuse to change even when the facts say differently.

How can a person come out of sin? Coming out of sin is easy because sin is actually a weakness, and the energy is weak. It takes a simple determination to accept and practice what Jesus says. Jesus has conquered sin therefore a person who accepts and practices his messages starts to build up a their firewall against the darkness of this world. They start to gain knowledge (light) from interpreting the experience gained in practice and the more they know, they more they become equipped against the darkness and the dark energy.

Following Jesus’s steps is easy, all it needs is a conscious effort to live in his way. A person who does this starts to become equipped to view life objectively. The light gained is what determines a person’s NOW. The reality we all exist in is a function of what we know, those who become aware of more about life, “experience” more of the beauty of life. Stop feeling life, start experiencing life.

Written by David A.O.

What does it mean to believe in Jesus?

For most, believing In Jesus entails repeating certain words and becoming a member of a particular religion. The process of salvation for them involves saying that they accept Jesus and after that learning the religions doctrines and going through the religious rites to become a full member of such religion. This is the common way to believe in Jesus In this modern day and if you ask a person if they believe in Jesus, their response will be ‘Yes I’m a Christian’ because they’re a member of a particular religion.

This practice is false, it’s untrue and it’s the reason why there are so many who claim to believe in Jesus but If we observe the society, we would see that the person (character) of Jesus is absent In our society. This false process of believe births highly hypocritical followers of Jesus, people who are merely members of certain religions but their life never reflect the person of Jesus. In fact, Jesus himself knew there shall be hypocritical followers, and because of this, he Informed us we can only enter the kingdom of heaven If our righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and scribes who are basically hypocrites (Mathew 5:20).

Personally, I do not ask people if they believe In Jesus anymore because the answer is often times in the affirmative. This gets even crazier when you have certain people claim to be believers but do not show it. Sometimes you hear certain people claim that they’re believers but do not wear It as a skin. This is hilarious for me even as it is ridiculous to listen.

How do you believe In Jesus? The word “believe” is an action word, so from here we know that you can only believe in Jesus through actions and not through spoken words. So technically, it’s irrelevant to say you believe, actions is what will show if you truly believe in Jesus or not.

Anyone can say they believe in Jesus, anyone can be a Christian, anyone can even read the Bible, yet none of these things proves that a person believes in Jesus. I have seen people take actions that you have to question If they truly have faith, I have seen people say things devoid of the knowledge of Christ and I have met a whole lot of very religious people who do not know God (Romans 10:2-3).

It’s more important for us to be believers than it’s for us to be religious. Believers take actions but religious people say words, these are two separate kinds of people. Actions do not always mean evangelism, your life is an action. The way you live your life is the first action that proves you a believer, every other action is directed by faith of Jesus that you receive after believing. For faith comes after believe (Romans 10:13-17)

Believing in Jesus is a two way thing, this is why most mistake It. Just as the word Believe Is two a way thing, accept and Be, the believe in Jesus likewise involves accepting his words and doing the will of God. In fact, the fundamental part of the gospel shows Jesus saying those who are his family are those who “do” the will of God (Mathew 12:47-50). This means while it’s important to hear the word, obeying (In practice) the word is what actually proves a believer. A person who hears the word but does not practice that which he hears Is not a believer irrespective of how long they hear the Word.

It’s important to know that believing in Jesus transcends just hearing the word. The major deception in religion entails the dilution of the term believe and faith to mean hearing the word alone but these words mean more than just hearing the Word of God. It’s better a person does not hear the word at all than for them to hear and not obey it. The word heard becomes a witness unto them at the end.

Why do you need to believe? Believe (not belief) Is the basis of all knowledge. Believe entails accepting and practicing, the process ensures that a person who has believed gains knowledge from their experience. The one who hears but doesn’t practice cannot know what the Bible Is talking about because knowledge can only be gained from analyzing experience gained in practicing. It’s important to remember that the freedom of Christ is unto them that know the truth and unto them who say they do or those who belong to a religion. Since knowledge is only gained through practice, therefore a person who hears the word (even often) and does not practice it is still held in captivity.

Start to believe (accept and practice) in Jesus, relate to others in love as he did, forgive others as he did etc. It’s only when you practice what you’ve heard that others shall see your light and give glory to your father in Heaven.  

Written by David A.O.

What is Jesus’s real name?

Which is correct?
Jesus pronounced as (GEE-zuss) or Jesus pronounced as (Hay-soos)?
Are they not both the same name, only pronounced differently because of language?
In Hebrew, there is no “J” sound. It is translated as “Y”. So, In Hebrew, the name is pronounced, among other ways, as “Ye-shu-a” or “Ye-hosh-u-a-”. Just as the Name of God in Hebrew is “YHVH” or “YHWH” and is pronounced as “Yeh-o-Vah”, “Yah-Veh”, “Yeh-o-Wah”, or “Yah-Weh” and in Latin is spelled “Iehovah”, and in English is “Jehova” or “Jehovah”.
Jesus, pronounced as “Gee-zuss” is simply the English transliteration of the Hebrew original “Yeshua”.
Ultimately, if your heart is on the true God and the true Christ, it does not matter if you call Him Yeh-o-vah or Jehova, or His Son Yeshua or Jesus. He knows to whom you are referring because he is the One who searches our hearts.
These are vain pursuits that we are warned against, and admonished to pursue the true things of God which are Faith in God through Christ and Obedience to the commands of Christ.
If you want to argue about the language that is used to interpret a name, then you should argue with God about it because He is the one who confounded all the languages at the Tower of Babel.
Yes, there is no other name under heaven, given by men, by which one may be Saved. Yet each name, when rendered in different languages, is pronounced differently due to language barriers and learning, but mean the same person.

Jimmy couch
Christ Jesus is Lord forever.

What people know but God doesn’t

What do people know but God doesn’t?

David Moore

There are things that we know that God doesn’t. They’re all things you don’t want to know.
We know the feeling of being deceptive. We know what it means to feel ashamed. We know how to be hypocritical. We know what it’s like to break a promise.
We know what self-loathing is like. We know the awful sense that our lives may be futile. We know selfishness on a personal level. We know despair.
God knows about these things, but they are not part of His person. In Christ, God does not spare Himself from any Human experience, but even as man He does not partake in our evil. God in Christ enters our darkness like light. He is not corrupted by it – it is swallowed up by His goodness.

What do you think would make God say “I never knew you” unto you at the judgment?

There are several things that would cause Christ Jesus to say this to someone.
First would be that this person never came to Christ for Salvation, utterly rejecting him.
Next would be the person who says that they know Christ but have no evidence of the Transformation that is requisite of truly knowing him and BEING known by him. One cannot have an encounter with the True Christ and NOT be transformed unless that person has rejected him utterly.
Next would be the person who says he/she is a Christ-follower but is merely a “weekend warrior”, living their life as the world lives throughout the week, and only pulling Christ out and dusting him off to make an appearance of piety in front of others on Saturday, Wednesday, or Sunday.
If one truly knows Christ, and is KNOWN BY Christ, his/her life will reflect that relationship through their living, through their words, and through their desires.
Evaluate your belief and your desire to follow the Lord. If you don’t have an overpowering desire to always know more of Our Lord and Savior, then the chances are that you do not really know him because he does not really know you.
Seek after him in your heart of hearts and he will come in unto you and make his abode with you. But, come to him prepared for change and with a DESIRE for change from the “old man” you have been into the “New Man” that he requires you to be as his follower.
Then, pick up your cross daily and follow him.

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Christ Jesus is Lord forever.

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