What does son of God mean?

father and son

The term son of God is a very confusing term. Most interpret it literally like the son of a man which means that such person was born through birth.

This term carries quite a different meaning biblically. This is why it’s very important to properly understand the term so that we might fully understand how the term relates to us.

It’s written that there were many sons of God, yet the first biblically recorded son of God is a man, the man Adam. Adam is the first son of God named in the Bible, this is a according to the genealogy of Jesus (Luke 3:38).

Apart from Adam, there’re also records of other sons of God well distributed through the Bible. It’s beyond human comprehension to know how many sons of God there might be, but we know that Adam was the only man who was a son of God.

None of these sons of God were begotten by God, yet they were sons of God. This gives us the understanding that being a son of God transcends birth as with humans. The son of God represents something beyond birth.

The first time the Bible records the son of God by birth (conception) was with the birth of Jesus. For this reason, Jesus is said to be the only son begotten of God. From this statement we can find both the words ‘begotten’ and ‘son’. This means Jesus is a son of God but a son by birth.

Therefore, unlike Adam and the rest sons of God, Jesus is the only conceived son of God. The others sons of God were sons without birth.

What then is the meaning of the ‘son of God’?

The term son of God means: a body (form) through which God can be seen. God is unseen and can cannot be seen, but we can see God in certain bodies. Adam was the first biblically recorded body that God was seen and he was practically as God to everything that was made until his fall from the presence.

After Adam, man lost that son nature as God was never seen in man anymore. Man became unlike God and alienated himself from God. So God birthed a son in his own image, a son that is going to be like him even though he was just a man.

That man is Jesus. Therefore, unlike Adam, man who was a son of God but without birth, Jesus is also man and a son of God but this time, man was a son of God by birth.

So Jesus is the true son of God because he’s a son by birth, having in him the pure essence of God. This essence is called the Holy Spirit of God. So the true identity of God is only truly seen in his only true son.

Who is the ‘son of God’ today?

Today we don’t see God, neither do we see Jesus, but we see Jesus in a believer. Today, You & I have been made sons of God because God is seen in us. The best part of being a believer is that we’re not just ordinary sons of God, we’re sons of God by birth just like Jesus. We’re begotten in Christ by the same spirit that begot Jesus on earth.

Therefore, as believers, we must be conscious of their place in God. Knowing fully well that God can only be truly seen in us. This is why we also must learn of Jesus through diligent study of the scriptures so that we know how to walk like Jesus and show God well enough as he wants to be seen. God bless you as you walk in the way God wants….

Written by David A.O.