How do i prove that God is or Isn’t real

Asking for proof of God’s existence is one of the most important questions in an unbeliever’s mouth. They are quick to ask a believer to prove that God really exists. Although only those who believe in science seem to peddle this question but the answer is relevant to all. Everyone, even a believer must prove that God does or doesn’t exist to them (2 Corinthians 13:5).

How do you prove that a thing exists in the way it appears? Do you just state it exists or doesn’t exist based on your perception of that thing? Or do you put that thing to test to confirm it exists In the way it appears?

A lot of people misrepresent what and who God is because they simply tell of his existence or inexistence from their perception without any proofs whatsoever. They judge God without proving if he exists or doesn’t exists in the way they perceive. They hold a belief which may or may not be the true nature of God and go around stating such belief vehemently without knowledge.

Unbelievers are fond of this behavior but most people who claim to be believers do this too. An unbeliever vehemently states that God does not exist from a place of total ignorance, while most who claim to be believers state that God exists from a place of twisted knowledge of his person. Both kinds of people are the same because they cannot prove that God exists or doesn’t exist. They can only make a claim and hold onto such claim as a belief.

How does a person prove he’s stupid? Can a person intentionally prove he’s stupid? No, they can’t, people will “realize” how stupid a person is when he speaks or acts. In fact a person who can intentionally prove he’s stupid is very intelligent.

How do you prove that you’re intelligent? Can you intentionally prove It? No, you can’t, people will “realize” your level of intelligence when you speak or act. Anyone who proves he’s Intelligent is a very stupid person.

How do you prove that you’re wise? People will “realize” your level of wisdom In your actions and in the words you speak. Those who claim or intentionally try to prove they’re wise are usually very foolish.

How do you prove you know something? Do you just say you know that thing? No, you don’t. You speak about that thing or put that thing to practice in a way that reveals you know what you say.

It’s important for everyone to know that a thing can be subjectively and objectively real but only the objective reality is the truth. Anything can be true to a person but the objectivity of that thing determines whether or not that thing is actually true. The reality Is only revealed to a person when their subjective reality aligns (in oneness) with the objective reality. Until a person achieves this oneness, whatever they say or do is a lie.

Humans are a highly subjective Being. People judge what is real with respect to themselves and they’ll continually claim this is the truth unless they’re helped to realize the truth. For example, an ignorant person will claim every other person is ignorant except himself, a deluded person will say the same to every other person except himself and another deluded person like himself.

For this reason, human judgement, which is usually perception based cannot be said to be the truth. There are problems because people claim their perception is the truth and they enforce this on others.

How does one prove that God is real? A person can only prove that God is real from his Truth, his objectivity. God Is true, and Christ is the truth of God. This means Christ is the evidence of God. Christ is also the Word of God which means the spoken word is the evidence of God. In fact the Bible shows us that God is the God of his Word. This means only the word can tell whether God is or isn’t real. A person who wants to prove that God is or isn’t real must not just state it from their perception, they must first understand the spoken (in this times written) word and prove it. Anyone who does not put the word to test but claims that God exists or doesn’t exist is a liar.

God is only proven in his Word, by putting the word to practice and being able to talk about God from a place of accurate knowledge. Anything short of that is a lie. No one can tell whether God is or isn’t real without evidence of what they’re saying. The truth is objective, therefore the Word of God which is his truth is objective. God is only “realized” in putting his truth to practice.


WRITER: David A.O.